Mankato residents know: For 16 years, Jack’s had our backs.

10343663_244496512413160_1900550756283047415_nA Mankato City Councilman for 16 years, Jack Considine has been in the forefront, the back ground and the work sessions of Mankato’s exciting growth in business, industry and culture. In addition to serving the area on the city council, Jack has volunteered for his community in a number of ways – from care-giving for the elderly to helping young athletes learn the value of sportsmanship and competing.

Electing Jack to the Minnesota House of Representatives will bring to St. Paul an experienced and passionate advocate for Mankato and Eagle Lake.

“While Governor Dayton has had two phenomenal years with the legislature, we’re not done,” Jack says. “Complacency will kill us. Because everything they got done in two years can be undone almost as fast.  There’s more to do, and we need to continue to improve and not rest on our laurels.”

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